Teachers are gonna hate this. Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic ain’t the 3 R’s no more! Not here anyway.

Instead, please consider these 3 alternative subjects of Redemption Revenge and Remembrance. Each told to stir your heart and tickle your mind.

  1. Ever wonder why you’re bugged at times? Don’t understand the thorn? Same for Cal did and he ever find out! “One Rode In” is a soul probing, guilt ridding electrified tale of REDEMPTION.
  2. Were you burnt by the financial meltdown? No? Know someone? Not your fault, theirs? Here’s a few more tales but with a twist. “Ten Storms Revenge” is a gut twisting collection of victim’s short stories. Unconnected stories that through a variety of haps and mishaps eventually collide. So, get ready to wring your hands. In the end there is an explosion of tasty-sweet, VICIOUS- GET EVEN REVENGE. There’s no – tedious – trial or– official – jury. Want to join in?
  3. Wannabe Rock Star,” may very well change your mind about what you know of the 60’s generation. This tale is one insider’s humorous REMEMBERENCE of his metamorphous during those years. As confessed, his the story is magically witnessed through the eyes of his confidant. She’s a conflicted darling, co-ed. At trails end the older younger team are deep in New York City’s electric hippy East Village. She witnesses a very special historic concert held at the famed rock music hall the “Fillmore East.” One produced just for her.

Click the links. Get full the lowdown. on three puzzling unique stories.

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