Occasionally recruiters call me in an attempt to get me to change firms.. It can be flattering but mostly It’s tedious.  Today I received a call from an- unlisted number. Which I do not like. My defense, my assistant, answered the call. Placed the party on hold. Then asked me on another line if I knew the name she relayed. I wasn’t sure, thought for a second that it might be someone I did know. So I answered hello. Bad idea and I wasn’t in a good mood to begin with.

Baam; the pitch!  I answered the person saying; today was not a good day to discuss such things after she finished her intro plea and pitch.  When asked why, I answered; my favorite, flea, died and I was heartbroken when I found it dead in my bed. She busted out laughing. I said – not nice – trying to keep the serious spin going. She tried to hush but couldn’t. I was courteous enough to invite her to the Viking funeral to be held at the Capitol grill. Drinks after the flames.

Then I asked if she wanted to be a pallbearer. I think that finished her off.

I said no charge for the levity, go have a good day. She said goodbye, I think gasping for air as she hung up.  My guess is she had the call of her relatively short two-year career. Hopefully she forgot about any immediate problems she may have been having. BF, money, car, blah blah blah…..


Isn’t nice to brighten someones day?

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