Author: AlbertZayat

What mist it that?

What mist is that? That floats in the eve Is it where I once Joined hands And rode the stream?   What sky is that? So red and blue I wait for the pinks And reds dark hue   What cause was that? That took your life Was it worth it Was what was lost The best of times, thought… Read more →


I fell from grace Cause hell was closed Reign  of man Held close I fell from grace Cause Kansas was closed But loved non the less As child In new clothes I could not read or say aloud This is my time, my life Don’t frown But I could hear What words were read Like drops of ideas Hit my… Read more →


It all makes sense, now The past, of no shame Spoke loudly, but in vane It all rhythms, now Yesterday and today Beat together, to show the way It all makes sense, now Hindsight’s partner Speaks clear of the author And what of it, what of the note What of what’s been spoken so loudly So clearly Thought so remote… Read more →


How cruel the night How cold the stone How black the road, To one’s final home How cruel the bleak place Of helpless cries release And wounds unseen That mark pains, refrain How cruel the night A lost dark place Where one yields To their last scene How cruel the night Black with fright Sleep now, friend Peace is your… Read more →

I guess

I guess It was the march Of thirty dusty nights   I say it was one day That lasted a lifetimes Morning glory, say   I think today is mine And yours For all of what I do, adore   I think, too much Of when I rolled in the mornings dust When time was forever When the sun was… Read more →

Progress and Progressives

  Of left’s and rights Are we made, Progressives all Unless Amish resting in shade Of lefts and rights Hands on the wheel Tugging one way Then back with feel Of lefts and rights Do we turn, If one, only Or the other, then Turns in circles do we begin Of lefts and rights Feet on the gas Yet one… Read more →


From the class of high One lives above the sky With none above, just those below Who look upward to where they want to go   From the class of high Lives one above the sky And from that perch Visitors see your view and now search For the stairs to take To that place, to elevate they, who then… Read more →

The Curb

The curb:   I don’t know, when I lost the place too Might have been when the sun never ends Or among a mountains cool dew   I had it once And then, Not Time just sped by And disappeared, spent and hot   It raced from here to there Leaving flecks of moments of care Strewn about a wandering… Read more →


How easy Does, The harsh of Summer’s warring sun, Come   How hard it is For bright stars To light earths, sight And nights cool to chill, Passions fight   How anger throws Furled fiery fists And into a reckless fight Do we slip, and drift   So said are we Adults said, are we With no shame or remorse… Read more →


And let my nature Take its course Let it live, with no remorse Let it stand Stamped from land Dressed in colors Of all, man And let my nature Dwell with me Roped and tied For all eternity Let it live as one Crafted from here And there, and there to sum Let my nature Say to me You’re made,… Read more →