Hi time

In a lonely deserted forest
Lived a spell put upon us
That looked of vermillion
And cost not a thin thing

Yet took souls and hearts
And culled thoughts of boasts
Till rich men fell
And lovely ladies dwell
On lost beauty from where they hailed

In a lonely deserted forest
Lived men and women
Or should I say boys and girls
Who took it too seriously?
To make ends prevail

Yet there they stood
Stark and gaunt, hollow and sulked
Weathered and frail without so much
As a care

In a lonely deserted forest
Where hurt hearts are among us
That bleed until
Doctor of love comes to prevail
And fix what went wrong, or right just maybe

And in a lonely deserted forest is where
The lonely run carefree
And play the night throughout
And laugh against what the elders scream about
And giggle until
It’s there time to move ahead

In the lonely deserted forest
You’ll find the best among us
With resonant feeling’s
And hearts blood held by all means
Where you’ll see what life is meant to really be

In the lonely deserted forest

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