Oh, no, of this please be true
It’s not of red, or white nor blue
But of a color held deep so dear
One which bleeds when one does hear
That you are not within my reach
I fall and falter and slip from life’s deep peace

A place where I’m held thought safe
from times of shining weak tasks grace
One that knows curves alone, not to ask
And knows what makes two stick
To ….

Yes, my dear, dear, dearest friend it’s you
Know time with you, eclipses when
Songs of 60 were once new
With voices rasp sung rich and true
Where heart and tone, made all that last

And so I must, I must ask
Are you up to the mightiest task?
That holds ones foot
To the coolest of books
Or to the place, of Hades soot?

Yes, yes, you know well what I say
This place in time
Is where we live our final day
And caress our love, dear, my good friend
As a river flows
A river with no end

So cling to me as I do you,
We float away to a place and time unknown
Where heart and time
Roll with the endless rhyme
And there we can say
That makes us wake to our best,
To the best of new days

When I knew you and you did me
When I loved you and you did me
As I still do
And you do me

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