So where am I?

So where am I?
A champion measured to the sky
And you too
Mired in time, of forgotten souls fool

And when we danced
Or parted ways
Did I misspeak?
Did I say, nay?

Or were my fervent words
Lost among the chorus of birds
That sang and sang
What will be done, what will be done, dame?

No my friend
Let’s both look
To an evening’s sun
When it’s time I feel
To say all I could do is won
Yet only I know
Twas not then, before an evening’s sun

Only rich landscapes of precious time’s words
Where love and respect merged into one’s life’s curves side
And time, and space, and holy grace
May I be with the few souls?
Who have passed through this space?
And all walls of time, reckless and divine. Are surely yours and mostly mine!
And what is the time
For me to rest my mind, and let light from above thread it’s way
Through a simple one’s head

And what is the time
For me to die
As I lay in fields not of clay
But of clover and fragrance
Of soft and gentle places
I only ask
That you or they
Remember this day
And regard me as such
With that of heavens
Gentle touch

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