Author: AlbertZayat

In a world

It may come Once in a life, Or twice, in as many, It’s your guess That a sign from above Or, within with no pity Tweaks cords from heavens Realm, Unto you Or within, you To say Times Gone Blue! Oh my Whatever has happened to me To you Wherever I roam I’ll sit And watch Otis’s Tide Roll, ROLL,… Read more →


There’s something kinda special, Resting in a glen Holding a novel Reading now and again There’s something kinda special, Reading in a glen Resting a weary mind Living in pages, turned Again and again There’s something more special, Than resting in a glen Reading a stories lines It’s hearing a hidden train’s engine Roar and roar and roar Saying come… Read more →

To my fans in France

Au peuple de France qui m’honorent avec leurs visites sur mon site. Merci beaucoup S’il vous plaît n’hésitez pas à me contacter par email avec des questions one.rodein@yahoo.com Bon soir Alber’     To the people of France who honor me with their visits to my website. Merci beaucoup Please feel free to contact me via email with any questions… Read more →

Would you

Would you kick a ball into piled leaves? Knowing your neighbors would likely be, very displeased Would you stomp, a puddle In new sneakers too Knowing Mom might have something to say about breaking her rule Would you run in the rain? Down a slippery mountains side Leaping over boulders Avoiding curious goats eyes Would you smoke? Behind the shed… Read more →

May I

May I rest? In the breast Of a lover’s chest One I know One of a warm glow Where -she- restoreth my soul And may I sleep within the depths? Of times lived best And will I test the shores? Of evermore Flying high into nights And days Filled with, long-gone Read more →

What plagues us is, Seems to me Holding in-animates to blame For Animates failed dreams I think, then it’s sure to be– What fires the gun comes from ego’s disease A finger for, frustrations chore A thumb to help, angers pressures melt An eye to see, lost and hopeless dreams Despair is held with what’s left on an assassin’s quivering… Read more →

I am King

For I am king Of all my land Sovereign rule Granted by heavens ruling hand For I am Lord Of all my space Of all my want And whim of place For I am master Of my life No cell No chain Of others drive, Shall keep me Bound To others lives For I am master Of my world Within… Read more →


  Tribunal:   Did you see the glass?   Of streams that met   Into rivers of laughs?     Aye     Did you see your lass?   Running through fields of unbroken wheat and grass?     Aye     Did your pulse rise?   Did it temp passions life?   Was it all you thought?   And… Read more →