Author: AlbertZayat

River of Hope

On the river of hope I floated my dream Raw and exposed It meant What was seen   On the river of hope Came a thought To me Is there time left? For the thread of angels Too save me   On the river of hope Rests a man’s last child One of different colors One that exists In time… Read more →


Time Time to go home Time to get ready Ready for a long seasons end   Time To see them again They wait Wait for me And so does she   She who is most of all, most of me She, me and long I’ve been without thee Will I see? Will the calm be?   Will she know me… Read more →

Does it burn

Does it burn   The land beneath your feet?   Does the heart of heart   Weaken strong legs, that know no sleep?     Does the chore   Of climbing mountains unheard   Make the grit of grinding teeth   Speak to one’s fleeting peace?     Oh so do I live with you   If in fact I’m… Read more →


Oh so free   Free to fly upon the wings   Of an old smokestack   Bellowing cries of work, deep into the sky     Here it comes   Here   It comes   My ride to town   In an all-black silhouette   of a means trains end     Hear that whistle   Hear it call  … Read more →

Isle of Despair

From the Isle of despair does the lens do clear And all life’s fog Streaks down the cheeks in tears But in that light, Where sparks of light Burn so bright The shadows of doubt Disappear from fright From the Isle Of human despair Lights of sight Open so bright And in the hollow of that calm Lay the rights… Read more →

Best to let it go

Al dente legs, cobbled to cartoon feet Whipped through fields of wheat Rich and deep Best to let it go Best to let it go   Young comes to only some Drags the sky So bright Best to let it go Best to let it go   Tomorrow comes for only The winsome few Mile markers run deep Deep and… Read more →


Claim:   I would not claim My rite to same Nor claw upon the hollow door In search of a pure Song from lore   But I do walk within the mist Among the fog where souls exist And in the sea which churns so deep Laying charms from past times Swirl at my feet   And in that swirl… Read more →

What mist it that?

What mist is that? That floats in the eve Is it where I once Joined hands And rode the stream?   What sky is that? So red and blue I wait for the pinks And reds dark hue   What cause was that? That took your life Was it worth it Was what was lost The best of times, thought… Read more →


I fell from grace Cause hell was closed Reign  of man Held close I fell from grace Cause Kansas was closed But loved non the less As child In new clothes I could not read or say aloud This is my time, my life Don’t frown But I could hear What words were read Like drops of ideas Hit my… Read more →


It all makes sense, now The past, of no shame Spoke loudly, but in vane It all rhythms, now Yesterday and today Beat together, to show the way It all makes sense, now Hindsight’s partner Speaks clear of the author And what of it, what of the note What of what’s been spoken so loudly So clearly Thought so remote… Read more →