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In a world

It may come Once in a life, Or twice, in as many, It’s your guess That a sign from above Or, within with no pity Tweaks cords from heavens Realm, Unto you Or within, you To say Times Gone Blue! Oh my Whatever has happened to me To you Wherever I roam I’ll sit And watch Otis’s Tide Roll, ROLL,… Read more →

I am King

For I am king Of all my land Sovereign rule Granted by heavens ruling hand For I am Lord Of all my space Of all my want And whim of place For I am master Of my life No cell No chain Of others drive, Shall keep me Bound To others lives For I am master Of my world Within… Read more →

Before the Requiem

Before mornings sun is done This boy born as a universes son Will pack his things And sift through days Reserved for him To come undone   Before noon-times tea Breaks for thee I rest, and look Back upon my trail I left to see   Before the afternoon hour Breaks the wind And storms with showers Upon a fools… Read more →

A day in the Sun

There’s something about sitting In the sun high above Back and butt both pressed To wrought iron blood An escape from fire, or Rail to help one climb higher City noise  from below spoke loudly but so Did bold thoughts held so close Only heard when alone, did they, most Up above city life’s clatter Warm, safe from chaos’s strata… Read more →