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There’s something kinda special,
Resting in a glen
Holding a novel
Reading now and again

There’s something kinda special,
Reading in a glen
Resting a weary mind
Living in pages, turned
Again and again

There’s something more special,
Than resting in a glen
Reading a stories lines
It’s hearing a hidden train’s engine
Roar and roar and roar
Saying come on
Come on, come on

I know you want to ride
Hop a car
Runaway with me
You’ll be back soon
Just wait and see

There’s something kinda special,
About resting in a glen
Letting a train’s heart beat
Take your mind along for the ride

Cars rolling thunder
Beating one’s mind to wonder
There’s something kind of special

When tracks rumble,
Take you for a ride,
to places once hidden
While resting in a glen

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Would you

Would you kick a ball into piled leaves?
Knowing your neighbors would likely be, very displeased
Would you stomp, a puddle
In new sneakers too
Knowing Mom might have something to say about breaking her rule

Would you run in the rain?
Down a slippery mountains side
Leaping over boulders
Avoiding curious goats eyes

Would you smoke?
Behind the shed
Where no one could see you
Except your other friend

Would you be late?
For any date
For school,
Or work,
Or an awards nights food
Just to say I forgot, I think
Maybe I’ll have that drink
As forgiveness is said to be had more easily
That permission I’m told

Would you bet the rent?
On something misspent
But win anyway
When you say
Today, Today
I had fun this day
Just one day, I had
Truly all mine, today

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I think I’ll

I think I’ll love,
Until the time
When time is no longer,
Until my summer
Until the first of
My lasts
Are, sung
Until the breath
Of evermore
Yields itself
No more
I think I’ll love you

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May I

May I rest?
In the breast
Of a lover’s chest

One I know
One of a warm glow
Where -she- restoreth my soul

And may I sleep within the depths?
Of times lived best

And will I test the shores?
Of evermore
Flying high into nights
And days
Filled with, long-gone

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What plagues us is,
Seems to me
Holding in-animates to blame
For Animates failed dreams

I think, then it’s sure to be–
What fires the gun comes from ego’s disease
A finger for, frustrations chore
A thumb to help, angers pressures melt
An eye to see, lost and hopeless dreams
Despair is held with what’s left on an assassin’s quivering hand

Until the space of youths troubled grace,
Is farmed anew with valuable views
And given tools to live in peace
Without running in, the crazy race
All is lost I fear and,
And lost is all!

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I am King

For I am king

Of all my land

Sovereign rule

Granted by heavens ruling hand

For I am Lord

Of all my space

Of all my want

And whim of place

For I am master

Of my life

No cell

No chain

Of others drive,

Shall keep me


To others lives

For I am master

Of my world

Within I keep

All very sound

No matter who

Or what force may blow

Tis my world I master

Thanks to heavens gold

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River of Hope

On the river of hope

I floated my dream

Raw and exposed

It meant

What was seen


On the river of hope

Came a thought

To me

Is there time left?

For the thread of angels

Too save me


On the river of hope

Rests a man’s last child

One of different colors

One that exists

In time


In my river

And maybe theirs too

May I call unto you

For hope

For a fool


And so without

Crystal or diamonds

I lay bare unto you

My life long friend

And partner


Will you let me rest

In a field of fiery zest

So that when that day

Comes to me to say


Thank heaven friend

A life with no end

Rests upon

A river of hope

Of hopes eternal

Never ending


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Time to go home

Time to get ready

Ready for a long seasons end



To see them again

They wait

Wait for me

And so does she


She who is most of all, most of me

She, me and long I’ve been without thee

Will I see?

Will the calm be?


Will she know me

Will I see her from then?

Or is now our gardens end?


And off I travel

Through fields of yellow

And of course her favorite, lavender


I’ll look there

In the calm sea of yester-year

Calm sea of turbulent tides rising so high

That they reach the endless sky

Yet there I will go

Before the end of this tears snow


Into calm turbulent seas of yellow and reds and lavenders and greens

I wonder if she’ll know me when

I say hello

Hello my old friend

Do you remember me from, when?

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