Takes mine to keep

Summertime Summertime

Summertime rules

Fields of wheat coat lands

Well used

Autumn autumn

Autumn time rules 
When oh when did

My leaves did I lose

Winter winter

Winter rules

Wasn’t that when

Fantasy was cool

Spring spring

Is that you

Are you here to pander to

An old dottering fool 

Add you all

To one another

And I will be

In side of earth’s mother

Summer time summer time

Listen to autumn 

For that does open

Winters, forgotten

And then and there

Is where springs life



To know

The circle does glow

And so of into the wood 

Is where my final place

To resign 

Into and unto the wood is where 

I sleep

Till the moons life

Takes mine to keep

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Nothing Kinder

Nothing warmer

Or more aged than the notes

Of a time that’s come and gone

Oh so please do say

My time is now yesterday

My time is now yesterday

And if and when I have a new friend

It’ll be one or more

Where they said before

Where the lost souls did no longer go

So in that space where the old and young dance

In disgrace

Is where the elves of justice ..flash..their dreams

Is where the dance of help and love and loss ….show


My is that where my life has ….floated away

Nothing Kinder

Nothing warmer nothing keener

Nothing more slick than a kids

Lying to pass the time of day

Oh save the light of my useless life and let my dreams

Float amongst the breath of pure souls with no


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The infection was systemic, untreatable and likely fatal. Youth. Unbridled youth. Plain and simple. Of no cure. Youth…

And that’s just the way it was. Then! Back then when the world was wide open to the neurons firing and synapses exciting and restless legs led one to the edge and back from the darkest hours curiosity could carve from safe-harbors.

It was the 60’s after -all. The decade that didn’t just cross borders but reshaped them. Warhol-Art, Film, Sex, Drugs and of course…Rock n Roll. Hair grew out of crew-cuts into pony tails. Clean shaven faces forested. Gleam in eyes sparkled. Oh what the hell. Hell was ours and heaven too.

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The stairs to liberation

Formed from crushed souls

Are trampled upon

by those who Emancipate,

and wrestle control

From when those stairs were once

of human-life so told….

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When was it you shed your pain
Dropped your hate and anger
The same
Was it when Your ride thread through
Mountain roads and Canyons too,
of New Mexico where You
You road so furiously through
When did you say goodbye
To vengeance derived without,
Without wisdom's eyes...

Where were you, you suffering fool
When light of enlightenment
Meant so much
To lost fool's
Was your life lifted upon the rail
Of a starboard boat's, salty tale?

Or was it when, the book of amen
Told you to, this land you cling to
Is fraught with failures, you left for Others
to, sin to...

Or, did you simply, rise above
And walk a simple hill that
Rested behind your home, so clearly Soft
And there upon The night's golden sky
Was that where
and I

Told of our acclaim of each other's soul
And is that where we looked up,
Deep into the nights cold brew
Where a million angels eyes did show Down upon me and you

Just You And me......?For that it is
The river of lust and misgivings
And revenge doth do begin...
And I do shelter
A holster of hatred

And it's bolstered But non religious sin of thirst
And hunger of those young And innocent who know not of Truce
Is there where we Country and city steeds
Need to come together you see
For our life's are no longer just,Just,Just,
Ours to see
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There’s something kinda special,
Resting in a glen
Holding a novel
Reading now and again

There’s something kinda special,
Reading in a glen
Resting a weary mind
Living in pages, turned
Again and again

There’s something more special,
Than resting in a glen
Reading a stories lines
It’s hearing a hidden train’s engine
Roar and roar and roar
Saying come on
Come on, come on

I know you want to ride
Hop a car
Runaway with me
You’ll be back soon
Just wait and see

There’s something kinda special,
About resting in a glen
Letting a train’s heart beat
Take your mind along for the ride

Cars rolling thunder
Beating one’s mind to wonder
There’s something kind of special

When tracks rumble,
Take you for a ride,
to places once hidden
While resting in a glen

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Would you

Would you kick a ball into piled leaves?
Knowing your neighbors would likely be, very displeased
Would you stomp, a puddle
In new sneakers too
Knowing Mom might have something to say about breaking her rule

Would you run in the rain?
Down a slippery mountains side
Leaping over boulders
Avoiding curious goats eyes

Would you smoke?
Behind the shed
Where no one could see you
Except your other friend

Would you be late?
For any date
For school,
Or work,
Or an awards nights food
Just to say I forgot, I think
Maybe I’ll have that drink
As forgiveness is said to be had more easily
That permission I’m told

Would you bet the rent?
On something misspent
But win anyway
When you say
Today, Today
I had fun this day
Just one day, I had
Truly all mine, today

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I think I’ll

I think I’ll love,
Until the time
When time is no longer,
Until my summer
Until the first of
My lasts
Are, sung
Until the breath
Of evermore
Yields itself
No more
I think I’ll love you

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May I

May I rest?
In the breast
Of a lover’s chest

One I know
One of a warm glow
Where -she- restoreth my soul

And may I sleep within the depths?
Of times lived best

And will I test the shores?
Of evermore
Flying high into nights
And days
Filled with, long-gone

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What plagues us is,
Seems to me
Holding in-animates to blame
For Animates failed dreams

I think, then it’s sure to be–
What fires the gun comes from ego’s disease
A finger for, frustrations chore
A thumb to help, angers pressures melt
An eye to see, lost and hopeless dreams
Despair is held with what’s left on an assassin’s quivering hand

Until the space of youths troubled grace,
Is farmed anew with valuable views
And given tools to live in peace
Without running in, the crazy race
All is lost I fear and,
And lost is all!

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