The most honest
Is music
The least
Is music
But there is no better place
To hide
Ones eyes
From the grief
Of headlines
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Well I got introduced to daaanger

When the street doctor said

Heey man

I’ve got the thing

To kill the pain

Of a love’s gone bad


Well I don’t know I said to him

Oh don’t worry, he said to me

This is your friend man, it’s just the thing

To kill the pain of love’s gone bad -end

So I paid his price

And rolled the dice

And sure enough I was cured of lust

But only for a while

You see,

Cause love’s gone bad needs time to die

In its own time

And the price I paid for the doc’s med’s

Was only a down-payment on hells edge and lie

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It was

Once upon a time floating on a river

left unattended not yet


Is where I saw you, in my day, in my dreams, in my most heartfelt manner

Left upon the rocks of lost dreams

It was

Once upon a time

Floating upon a great sea

Where my life, lost and sunk, deep down into

The watery gravy of loves deaths so many times, left,

It was where children played

And sought the no rules of today, nor judgment day

Is where the soles of my feet scraped upon distant shoals

And held love lost, till waves of death took mine

till, nothing was left to flip and ride the seas


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Just a girl

Well I was right outside

Waitin by my car

When she walked by

Skirt flyin high

Just a girl

With a bit of a curl

She couldn’t finish one drink

But made boys fall to their knees right- quick

Well I was right outside

Waitin by my car

When she walked by

Skirt flyin high

Oh man what could I say

I saw ya first

Tell those other go roll over an play…

She was just a girl

Skirt flyin high

Melt your heart

Before sun-up, the next day

Couldn’t finish one drink

But did me

She was just girl

Skirt flyin high

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You can shoot an arrow through my throbbing heart

You can watch me bleed into the earth, in the dark

You can fire a bullet into my eye and blind my sight, but never my life

And you can rip the arms off my bod…though then I will laugh at your

Tiresome, hold

But, you will never win

You will never own me

You will NEVER defeat me in the ring

As I yield to only one thing

Tis the voice of sound

The breath of grace carried within my ears I found

That will weaken my legs

Sag my head

Drag life from what is left floundering, around

And there I will perish

But not from hate

From the mastery of music,

Which seals my fate

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His attachment was

Without a fault

All that was there

In the early nights frost

Was he and his lights

Glaring down the highway

Looking for an off-ramp

And Waffle house, lost

To review his mail

Of earlier that day

In each hand

Clutched to the steering wheel, with play

Were two different envelopes

Sent from well-meaning, oh attorneys not yet in jail

One from one, another from another

Splattered with hash browns

Laden with butter

And in each fold were times left behind,

And to behold!

A divorce decree, saying sayonara my old friend

It was great till the end lay to his left

Intruding on the coffee’s reign  

And yet to the right, his future flight

A Prenup spewed this is your future you dammed old fool

And sign both he did

And then scratched his salt and peppered chin

And laughed out loud alerting the late night crowd

That a death and a birth each showed up early that day

At the end of a darkened off ramp

And tires stuck in the Georgia clay

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And if I were to be free

Remove my pain

If it’s all the same

To you, and or them

I hope to make amends

Remove my heart

Let it lay upon a bed of field dried hay

For all to see how much is left

Of my days

Let the blood of well spent time

Make all that doesn’t rhyme

And for all to see what is left

Of me………

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When I cried out

at the moon

And in the lost reason of love-lost

Cast the summers bloom, did I,?

Oh Did I say, it was just one day

One day it was I lost my soul and

Drifted unto another’s

Another most welcoming home!

Oh did I say that it was just

one day

Or two I was a fool

A fool to mis-love you

And now I hang in the gallows of guilt, redemption and


Oh when I cried out

and lost all I saved

Was it worth the price

I paid?

Yes, yes yes, it twas

As then and there I learned what it was

to lose at Love as a meandering fool..

A meandering…fooollllll…..

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The weathered glass sat in the rain

Edges chipped 

Color removed

All of its life held times, not new today

The  satin glass lay in the sun

Drinks so many

Held within its well 

Only a few found out, what to tell

The priestly vessel cloaked in gems

Was polished and held in official hands

And there it spoke of heavens demands

But itself never left human lands 

The child’s cup was empty again

Only the hope of new times

Would make it fun

But at nightfall, when all was quite

Only the sound of hunger bellowed

From another’s garden

All in all, time has taken

The good and bad of the glasses


What kind of glass are you?

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Takes mine to keep

Summertime Summertime

Summertime rules

Fields of wheat coat lands

Well used

Autumn autumn

Autumn time rules 
When oh when did

My leaves did I lose

Winter winter

Winter rules

Wasn’t that when

Fantasy was cool

Spring spring

Is that you

Are you here to pander to

An old dottering fool 

Add you all

To one another

And I will be

In side of earth’s mother

Summer time summer time

Listen to autumn 

For that does open

Winters, forgotten

And then and there

Is where springs life



To know

The circle does glow

And so of into the wood 

Is where my final place

To resign 

Into and unto the wood is where 

I sleep

Till the moons life

Takes mine to keep

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