A fixed race

As sure as a fixed race,
As warm as a baths liquid embrace
As much fun, as a fall from grace
As dicey as a game of Risk
Love, ah love knows so many mistakes

There it is
My young lad
Take your chance
In your hand
With a guarantee, not

With help from none
So what
It is what all we have
That makes the tired days of sad
Worth a ransom from a wealthy man’s bank

Yet not you need, that kind of wealth
What it is, is reserved for absent help
Time enough to live alone
Or with that demon-love
Are you sure this is your road?

Of course it is, and you are too
Midnight’s wakes reminds you
Who she is
And daydreams keeps
The light of her sight, so dear to you

Welcome, welcome my dear boy
All you fear is nothing to this ride
One of highs and lows never seen
But one never to be missing
Or life isn’t worth a worn penny.

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