Above the fray

I want to fly

Above the fray

Above the noise

Of daily days


I’m sure to fly above the birds

Above the land

Above the hills of

Awkward man


Where mindless numb-talk

Is daily spoken

Where life’s daily going’s on

Is often gone wrong


I hope to fly high above

High above lost doves in sun

Above so high

Up In the sky

Only angels can I see

So near, I sigh


I’m sure I’ll float

And be assured

I’ll float to where

One often goes without a spoken word



But if I fail

I’ll slip too far

The warmth I’ll feel

will be Evermore

Evermore beneath the sky

A sky that lives

With no rules of mine


And so I think, I’ll fall below

And hope I’ll find some of life’s magical glow

For if I live without risk

Then years spent hiding within safety’s mist

Will waste away till there are no other days

And what a blue note

That would bring to this old fool


So I want to fly within the fray

Of very ordinary complex days

And in the end I can say of time

Was mine to hold and waste divine!

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