Before the Requiem

Before mornings sun

is done

This boy born as a universes son

Will pack his things

And sift through days

Reserved for him

To come undone


Before noon-times tea

Breaks for thee

I rest, and look

Back upon my trail

I left to see


Before the afternoon hour

Breaks the wind

And storms with showers

Upon a fools taunting grin

I stand alone

At the foot of heavens throne


And there I know

My time, on my road

Is yet sorted out, ahead lay more toil


And then, in the shadow

of a gentle twilight

I look and ponder

What do I remember?

What is my insight?


Yet with no flashlight,

To illuminate my path


And from that day forth

Time marches so quickly

I know that now,

I must move before I see


The dark of evening

A place where there is little

Of reasoning

A time when lists of do’s

Replace those of don’ts, you fool


Time left only, now

to cull for only those few

Things left on hold for a when a better day, brings


And told it is, by natures gentle hints


I must be off

No time to be lost

What’s left to do can only be a few?

But the choicest of tasks they are

I promise you

Yes, the choicest of tasks I promise yo

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