Before I wake and face the day

Before the daily weep, prints,

And hits the streets, the same

And tells by those

Whom are told what to say

I’ll think aloud,

Is this my last light?

Of a mornings day?


My last in the sun

I’ve spent so many

Some poor and yet some wonderfully done

Alas, now, I know

I have no more bullets

in my life’s gun


So before I weep

Or begin to shriek

That my time is gone

No more to keep


I find a new song

One of many melodies

And beats of heart

With new rhymes to hum

To carry me along


And then I’ll say, I won’t scare this or any day

Nor blink aloud

Or cry to who


It’s only a transfer

To your new time

You lamenting old fool


And so instead of mercy pleads

I’ll ride my bike

Into dawns new light, you’ll see

And chase the rainbow of heavens end

And chase the rainbow to heavens end

Before I wake

Before I begin


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