Bike ride

One-click makes one, tick

Second click, up, pulls you to

An English racers place you know

an English racers thrill

Tire’s bite create laid below

The third is clicked, third for go,

The Norton’s engine screams com’on boy

you’re way too-damn-slow


Now Fourth tick says there’s little more

My boot scrapes the hard crete-floor

And five  brings,  all alive

One never knows what this ride, feels like

Dead or alive


Then last pull

In fith gear we do fly

Up the hill

the parallel twin starts to whine

Through the esses she and I ride


Me on top and her below

Both human and not, smiles we bring

This roads pass won’t be the last

But won’t last, won’t be last


One click up-one click down

The pegs of my racer clip, the hard ground

One more up and another down

Must find the cam, must find the power band


A last ride is a last time found

A last time found to scrap the ground

Through the essess

We do ride,

me on top clipped to her, right below my friend

Hang on then


Hang on then

My time’s a comin

My times less than somethin

Ride on my bike, score the sky’s warm embrace

Scream at heavens knightly star-struck-streak

Scream at Heavens knightly star-struck-streak

Scream at Heavens Knightly star-struck-streak


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