I guess

I guess

It was the march

Of thirty dusty nights


I say it was one day

That lasted a lifetimes

Morning glory, say


I think today is mine

And yours

For all of what I do, adore


I think, too much

Of when I rolled in the mornings dust

When time was forever

When the sun was never

To darken our hearts


I was one of

An army of souls

That marched from dawn

Till dark nights empty tolls


And when that sun

Comes back to see what

Was undone

I hope and pray

I was one who fought for the day

Fought for the day

When we

And you

Stole the sun’s mighty duel

And aimed it towards the stars out there

In a world where Sir Galahad

Ran and ran

Till all the time slipped from sand


Oh I am just a simple son

Born to grasp and hold

And cherish the new dawn’s burning sun


So let me go, let my soul

Hide amongst where I‘ve been and told

Of a child left alone


Let me go

To drift

Among the stars bright paths dots

For I will always find you and all

Who played with me

In this world of



Where we danced, alone, untold

And into the path of my evermore


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