Let’s finish this up…right

We had no money, when we were young
Broke I’d say to everyone
Cares were few, so was food
Mattered not, cause you had me, and I had you
To run the night, into mornings day
Sleep till noon wishing the light would fade away

So, I, am, them
And, they, are, we
Let’s finish this up, right
Before we sleep
Let’s run night’s knife
Deep into mornings light
Let’s just finish this up, finish it right
Like we were, with limber legs in stride

Take my hand, hold it tight
We move at once before our light
Runs, runs out, out of sight

We can’t make old, new again
We can make the best of last, my best friend
Before our light, runs into night
And it’s the last we see of night or light
And the last we see of light or night

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