My sense of this and yours of that

There was a time
When rhythm and rhyme
Meant more to some and
Much to all, and then would crowd out anyone’s
Hope to fall

From grace you see
Where you are asked, and I answer too
To the most of all questions of which there are more than two

And what are they?
Are they of me, or us you think?
Do they cut and ride a human before extinct

I think so I said
I think yes, more than you’ll know
For man and woman are just two of a full
House there is

One filled with rain
One filled with pain
One that understands that most things wanted are just….
Well we’ll leave that to a clever refrain

Let’s part knowing this
A friend did insistence
Give peace a chance
Imagine this
and that chance dance before your dance

Thank you John
So few would express
A chorus of sense that many

Peace, peace may it be yours
Our time here is so brief
So many illnesses without cures

Let trouble escape the hand of revenge
Let despaired hearts of broken love
Heal before the nights end

May cupboards be full of all you need
May my time left
Be enough for what I need

May you and he or she as it may
Not squandered your bright
Ever living days!

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