And let my nature
Take its course
Let it live,
with no remorse
Let it stand
Stamped from land
Dressed in colors
Of all, man
And let my nature
Dwell with me
Roped and tied
For all eternity
Let it live
as one
Crafted from here
And there,
and there
to sum
Let my nature
Say to me
You’re made,
you are made of land,
And dressed in colors
Of earthly man
Let my nature
Lay with me
And whisper –
Carpe Diem
Every day
Let my nature
use my time
As a song,
as notes,
From a minstrels
frolicking rhyme
Let my nature sing-
sing my life,
Was spent as best,
spent to the test
For all-
all of gentle
mankind’s, rest.
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