Visitation Rites

Through the night

Of dreams, mighty might

I travel to places

that now fill once empty spaces


And through those labyrinths

Of webs I’ve cobbled

Memories lay

In traps set

To tease this old fool

By tricks of self-rule

Times, once thought

Some time now thought, forgot


Yet still and all

I travel the night halls

Deep inside

Where I express my, rites

For visitations, time

To see, times of mine

Now jailed deep within

a very sleepy mind


And there they rest

Comfortably? Or not?

Or do they, then?

Beg to escape, my friends

from spaces behind locks,

Doors thought sealed once and, for evermore?


Oh no, I see, I can but for moments brief

Go and travel and tramp quickly I must

Knowing slumber, will soon leave me to rust


Quickly I scrap through times once captured

There I find mysteries, witch haunted

Of times once held

Lived in such, great rhymes they hail

And sing and call, OH BLOODY HELL!


Come with me, Come my friend

Another encore is at your beck and whim.

Come back, come back, come back and visit me

For, another, encore! You’ll enjoy it you’ll see


Come back and look, crack another door.

I’ll be waiting there, but for only a moments, allure

That’s all your visitation rite’s will grant

For times once lived

For times once lived, now stored

Stored so deeply, they can only be released

From their jail so frail

In the midst of dreams

Day or night, if you please

Come play and remember

Come play and remember, it is your rite!

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