Peanut Butter

And there she was

A girl of girls

Wrapped in blue Jeans and flowing curls

Her father said; had I known better

I’d named her Tom

Instead of Stephanie

A tom-boy she was

And none better

Could pitch she could

Her grandad made sure

Hung out with all the boys

One especially she knew would

Malcolm he was

And to her mighty cute

The romance began

Where nothing else could

The years passed

Most were quick

One day she changed

From Tom to peanut butter

Because all the boys said

She made them feel like jelly

When she smiled at them. Oh brother!

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Don’t worry

Don’t worry Lass

Rest and awake

At your new place

Don’t worry Lass

I’ll take care of your lawn

Under the stars of your own

Where you’ll see your dreams

of when, and then….

That had come

and gone

….And now will take you

to where you are to go…

Don’t worry, dear

You’ll soon pass to a place held fast

Don’t worry Lass

And you’ll be around

In a new place

Still in all

Where you last held


Don’t worry Lass

Don’t worry

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Lays Awake

Every minute lays awake

For times

Unsung, to make

Their break


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Without a Trace

A shadow ran

Across my face

And left its mark

Without a trace, Except for

A line or two

Of years denied

But also suffered through

In that lane

Of remorseful purposes 

Hide times

So lost before us…

And what about you? 

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“Ode to past lives”

1st to last be such a trip,

A wild ride through memories flip,

But then you see we arrive at the door

At which we pass-through,

To never more!

Does it matter much?

Or matter not!

The trail we leave, or weave if you will,

Is for those who admire

And think of you well…

So there your life sits…

On Eternity’s… shelf!

Awaiting reuse Muahahahah….

By someone else???

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May the forces of all that are gentle,

Powerful and

Heavenly, be with you….

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There’s an old story

Out there,

That speaks of love

Almost anywhere

So, to know it one must say!

There’s love and that everyday…

But there’s loving,

And being in love!

And that ain’t sayin

They’re, the same….

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I tread on land not mine

My lungs fill with air paid for by death of hero’s

My eyes see what is left to me by those who have lost their

Visions, free

My ears hear the faint calls, of soldier’s painful deathly-fall



All I see

All I hear

All my feet touch

Is land covered by those who all

Think of self

And not of why

They can do the absurd

Because of those who have died for them to be free

Heaven hold the soldier who fought so bold

And give them life

In a new world earned

With no more strife

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Cry, cry, cry

And why not cry

Let the birds sing with you

Let morning air fill your nostrils

With times long ago memories

With love left alone

With hands once firm with confidence

Now tremble all- alone

Cry cry cry

Fill the air with miseries cold tune

Wet your eyes from summer to springs


Cry for yourself, and others too 

For we are all a bit lost

When loss finds our dreaded doom

Yet one day will come

As sure as a new mornings sun

And your tears will say goodbye

And wish you a very very happy

New life’s time

So cry for now as much as you can

Tomorrow brings us to a new -found- land

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I’m just a traveler

Like you, you see

Full of hope burns, deep within me

And like the sun

I rise each day

To warm all around me

Before I say….

Hey you!

What’s that? 

Are you all right? 

You know I only shine

From mourn unto knights

And that’s where you will see

The love of strength that fights

Within you, and perilously deep within me

So dither not!!

And waste time so,

Fight the good fight

And kill your damn foe!

It is darkness you quest to kill, you see

Is it not all that’s left?

For the last arrow, your last quill? 

Now be polite

Be assured

That your love of mercy

Speaks so loud

It’s unheard….to all who rest

So quietly

In the valley of time lost …

Lost amongst angry men’s 

Uncut beards……at best

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