I’m just a traveler

Like you, you see

Full of hope burns, deep within me

And like the sun

I rise each day

To warm all around me

Before I say….

Hey you!

What’s that? 

Are you all right? 

You know I only shine

From mourn unto knights

And that’s where you will see

The love of strength that fights

Within you, and perilously deep within me

So dither not!!

And waste time so,

Fight the good fight

And kill your damn foe!

It is darkness you quest to kill, you see

Is it not all that’s left?

For the last arrow, your last quill? 

Now be polite

Be assured

That your love of mercy

Speaks so loud

It’s unheard….to all who rest

So quietly

In the valley of time lost …

Lost amongst angry men’s 

Uncut beards……at best

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