I would not claim

My rite to same

Nor claw upon the hollow door

In search of a pure

Song from lore


But I do walk within the mist

Among the fog where souls exist

And in the sea which churns so deep

Laying charms from past times

Swirl at my feet


And in that swirl

Amidst legends steeped in our time

I hope we too will find of hearts, and minds

Hearts and minds so not to miss

reunions bliss

For that I could not suffer, not suffer this


I hope we find

At least common mind

Of one or two, who once were me, and once were you

So to dance history’s last freedoms chance

Of this I wish

Old souls in the mist

Reunited once more

and push open the hollow door


Push open the hollow door

Where old hearts heal to new again

And dance the dance of times last chance.

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