Time to go home

Time to get ready

Ready for a long seasons end



To see them again

They wait

Wait for me

And so does she


She who is most of all, most of me

She, me and long I’ve been without thee

Will I see?

Will the calm be?


Will she know me

Will I see her from then?

Or is now our gardens end?


And off I travel

Through fields of yellow

And of course her favorite, lavender


I’ll look there

In the calm sea of yester-year

Calm sea of turbulent tides rising so high

That they reach the endless sky

Yet there I will go

Before the end of this tears snow


Into calm turbulent seas of yellow and reds and lavenders and greens

I wonder if she’ll know me when

I say hello

Hello my old friend

Do you remember me from, when?

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