So tell me

So tell me
My dear
What is it that you fear?
What night dreams of glitter and moss
Wrench you from, soft sleep
That makes you toss

So tell me my friend
Do you worry about the end
Do you wonder, do you feel
Life’s eternity isn’t for real

So tell me love
Is it heaven above
That takes your heart
Makes you cringe
Makes you fear the after, of times end?

So tell me friend, my love of time
Do you fear what’s lost, what’s divine
Are you safe in my hands alone
Or do you wish for one, of a throne

Now tell me love
Are you still scared?
Do you wish for what was once
A young girls cares?
Do you wish for time to hold
That won’t let you go

Now rest my love
I will talk to those above
And tell them of you
And what it is you hold true

Now rest my love
Soon you’ll fly as if a dove
And I will be alone
Wishing it was me, not left alone

Now tell me love
Tell me my dear
Say you will watch over me
From there.