Stop and wait, said the lady at the gate
step too close
to the natural noose
and find out exactly
what it is that cooks, a goose

love does bite
in the morning
and into the night

Roll, roll roll
into the light of mornings fall
into the depth of evenings black pearl
into the severe wave of love, unrestrained

Careful careful
time is uncertain
waste too much, often not enough
the sense of ability is often
over played

Careful careful you’ll fall into the pit
where life stirs it’s most redeeming
players all
big, thin, fat or tall
Inescapable victims of loves perilous

Careful, careful, careful, careful
careful, careful, careful , careful
time misspent
Yields memories never never…
never ever
Remembered without curls of lips
floating around as gallant ships

Careful, careful, careful

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