Progress and Progressives


Of left’s and rights
Are we made,
Progressives all
Unless Amish resting in shade

Of lefts and rights
Hands on the wheel
Tugging one way
Then back with feel

Of lefts and rights
Do we turn,
If one, only
Or the other, then
Turns in circles do we begin

Of lefts and rights
Feet on the gas
Yet one holds us back,
on the brakes, gentle drag

Of lefts and rights do we all proceed?
Progressing ever forward
To where we need

No longer do we sleep in caves,
nor under moon light unless we please
To rest and recreate
Far from the stars
Five star hotels are better by far

Of lefts and rights
We shop for food?
No need to farm, to feed our brood

Of lefts and rights are we all one kind
Rolling together to see what we find

Of lefts and rights, are we one
Progressives all
Leaving history’s past, held in books,
resting on shelves in libraries dust

Of lefts and rights do we move ahead?
Yes, as nature dictates, in a left and right
winding trend!

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