Romeo and Juliet


How nice it’d be

To fly on a plane

To fly to a place

of no real name


Somewhere friendly

Somewhere fun

A place I know

A place with sun

A place would have someone’s son


How nice it’d be

To spend some time

Lost romantically

Among the stars

Frolicking within heavens arms


A place of mother

A place of discover

A place to cast aside life’s deep blue

A place to start anew

A place to renew

Just me

And maybe you too


How nice it’d be

How wonderful indeed

To climb so high

Higher and higher into the sky

Climb the stairs of eternity

Find those lost for years, you see

Find those lost, who were so dear


How nice it’d be

To quit this folly

we follow, so orderly

To release from life’s dock

Spent in might’s, heart


That all flounders now

All once sung

in hallowed ground


How odd it’d be

To fly to a nice place

To fly away

Above skies, so gray


How nice it’d be

When the time,

the time is right

To climb onto airlines known as

Carefree-All- Night


How nice it’s be

I wish you’d come and see

Won’t you come?

Won’t you come and, join me?