When was it you shed your pain
Dropped your hate and anger
The same
Was it when Your ride thread through
Mountain roads and Canyons too,
of New Mexico where You
You road so furiously through
When did you say goodbye
To vengeance derived without,
Without wisdom's eyes...

Where were you, you suffering fool
When light of enlightenment
Meant so much
To lost fool's
Was your life lifted upon the rail
Of a starboard boat's, salty tale?

Or was it when, the book of amen
Told you to, this land you cling to
Is fraught with failures, you left for Others
to, sin to...

Or, did you simply, rise above
And walk a simple hill that
Rested behind your home, so clearly Soft
And there upon The night's golden sky
Was that where
and I

Told of our acclaim of each other's soul
And is that where we looked up,
Deep into the nights cold brew
Where a million angels eyes did show Down upon me and you

Just You And me......?For that it is
The river of lust and misgivings
And revenge doth do begin...
And I do shelter
A holster of hatred

And it's bolstered But non religious sin of thirst
And hunger of those young And innocent who know not of Truce
Is there where we Country and city steeds
Need to come together you see
For our life's are no longer just,Just,Just,
Ours to see
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