There’s something kinda special,
Resting in a glen
Holding a novel
Reading now and again

There’s something kinda special,
Reading in a glen
Resting a weary mind
Living in pages, turned
Again and again

There’s something more special,
Than resting in a glen
Reading a stories lines
It’s hearing a hidden train’s engine
Roar and roar and roar
Saying come on
Come on, come on

I know you want to ride
Hop a car
Runaway with me
You’ll be back soon
Just wait and see

There’s something kinda special,
About resting in a glen
Letting a train’s heart beat
Take your mind along for the ride

Cars rolling thunder
Beating one’s mind to wonder
There’s something kind of special

When tracks rumble,
Take you for a ride,
to places once hidden
While resting in a glen

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