Would you

Would you kick a ball into piled leaves?
Knowing your neighbors would likely be, very displeased
Would you stomp, a puddle
In new sneakers too
Knowing Mom might have something to say about breaking her rule

Would you run in the rain?
Down a slippery mountains side
Leaping over boulders
Avoiding curious goats eyes

Would you smoke?
Behind the shed
Where no one could see you
Except your other friend

Would you be late?
For any date
For school,
Or work,
Or an awards nights food
Just to say I forgot, I think
Maybe I’ll have that drink
As forgiveness is said to be had more easily
That permission I’m told

Would you bet the rent?
On something misspent
But win anyway
When you say
Today, Today
I had fun this day
Just one day, I had
Truly all mine, today

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