Reckless Moon

Oh reckless moon

Have you no sense

Don’t you know?

What effect you hold

On this poor mortals

Well-worn soul


Oh Reckless moon

You cast your spell

Stirring mayhem

And larceny

On this feckless self


Oh Reckless moon

Is that you?

Who dances winds broom?

That sweeps earths room

Kicking dust and lust

And old age rust

Hi above in to skies of white


And hawks and doves who

Rescue fools


Oh Reckless moon

How dare you,

How dare you

Tinker with the mighty rules


How dare you take that which is not yours

How dare you know better than


Has been




Oh reckless moon

I fail because of you

And succeed as well

And succeed as well before

Anyone can tell

I rush into the wind you stir

And reckless and feckless I live

What I’ve learned.


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